Set up OpenDNS for your home router and protect against malware, phishing attacks, get content filtering, etc. Easy and free!

In this article, I will share how to set up the OpenDNS solution provided by Cisco for free for your home router for content filtering, to protect against malware, phishing attacks, etc. It provides content filtering for the following categories:

To understand first what is OpenDNS, please go through the below article.

In order to configure OpenDNS, visit the below page and then choose your router for the configuration article. I am using a Netgear router which has a web interface and followed the steps here to set up my router.

Once configured check out the following URL ‘

If your configuration is correct, you will get a page saying something like below.

Now you can signup for OpenDNS home web console using the below URL to manage the settings.

You will have to set it up to add your IP as a home network and go to settings to set up your web content filtering accordingly:

Under the security section you can set up the following:

After setting up this and checking any blocked websites, if you get any error like below:

you will need to install Cisco Umbrella Root CA:

After doing this it should be fine and you are all set now!

This is an easy, free setup to get content filtering and protect against malware, phishing protection for websites you browse.

Hope it helps!